abouT bam!

The Business Association of Monroe or BAM! is one of three projects initiated during the Strategic Doing Workshop, held on Saturday, November 17, 2018, at the Monroe Community Library. Participants of the workshop were split into three groups, each group presented with a strategic question about our community. The following question was presented to the Business Development group:


"Imagine if Monroe had a cohesive business community that offered a diverse range of shopping and entertainment experiences in Monroe’s downtown and Riverside District. What would that look like?"

After close examination, it was determined a new business association would bring local businesses together. As a result of the workshop, the Business Association of Monroe or BAM! was created on Saturday, December 1, 2018 and will be comprised of local businesses in Monroe and the South Benton Community.



The Business Association of Monroe or BAM! will focus on supporting and growing existing business as well as driving new business in Monroe and the surrounding South Benton Community. To facilitate our goals, initial BAM! projects will center on outreach, education, resources and growth of new business. 


In addition, BAM! will serve as an extension for members to further market their businesses through use of the organization's Facebook page, 

BusinessAssociationofMonroe.com website, calendar of events, member meetings, and the ability to participate in and contribute to community events and activities. 


The Business Association of Monroe brings together the development and promotion of local businesses including services, shopping, entertaining, and dining, along with the history and values of Monroe and the surrounding South Benton Community.


We see the Business Association of Monroe, which includes the City of Monroe and the surrounding South Benton Community, as a thriving and vibrant mix of economically viable and unique businesses, activities, restaurants and housing that attracts local residents and visitors and that entices future residents and businesses to relocate into the area.